Hourly Rehearsal Studios

We offer 4 hourly studios ranging in size to fit every musician's need.
Our studios are offered in blocks of 3-5 hour sessions as well as a full-day of rehearsal (12 hours). Hourly rehearsal studios feature 1lb (1/8th) MuteX Mass Loaded Vinyl, double layered 5/8th QuietRock panels PLUS double layered 2" acoustic ceiling tiles.
Click on the blue box below each studio to quickly check availability and book your session online.


Hourly Studio A   

3 Hours / $65    5 Hours / $85    Full Day / $200

Hourly Studio C

3 Hours / $95    5 Hours / $125    Full Day / $400




Need a studio for more than a few hours?  Need space to rehearse AND store your gear?  
Check out our monthly studios.